Tungsten hexacarbonyl CAS 14040-11-0

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Chemical Name :Tungsten hexacarbonyl

CAS: 14040-11-0

Molecular Formula: 6CO.W

Molecular Weight:351.9

Item Results(Pb/mgL)
Appearance White powder
 Al <5.0
Ca <5.0
Co <5.0
Cr <5.0
Cu <5.0
Fe  /
K <10.0
Mg <5.0
Mn <5.0
Mo <5.0
Na <10.0
Zn 7.94
Ni <5.0
Pb <10.0
Assay 99%min
Conclusion  The results conforms with Enterprise standards

Preparation of high-purity micro and nano tungsten powder, metal tungsten and other metals, non-metal composite materials, petrochemicals, catalysts, organic synthesis, etc.

1kg/carton 25kg/drum or as customer requirement
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