Trioctylamine TOA CAS 1116-76-3

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Chemical Name :Trioctylamine

CAS: 1116-76-3

Molecular Formula: C24H51N

Molecular Weight:353.67

Inspect Item Specification
Appearance(25℃) Colorless to light yellow clear liquid
Assay ≥95.0%
Total amine value, mgKOH/g 151.0-159.0
Pri.&Sec.Amines ≤2.0%
Color,(Hazen) ≤60
Main carbon chain ≥92.0%
Water ≤3.0%

Used as a precious metal extractant. In the metallurgical industry, it is used to extract and separate cobalt, nickel, actinides and lanthanides.

Uses It is used in organic synthesis, it is a heat-resistant, solvent-resistant, polymerized rubber antioxidant, and it is an intermediate in the synthesis of NAPM.

Used in the production of phase transfer catalysts, rubber additives and corrosion inhibitors.