Trimethylolpropane trioleate/TMPTO CAS 57675-44-2

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Chemical Name:Trimethylolpropane trioleate/TMPTO

CAS: 57675-44-2

Molecular Formula: C60H110O6

Molecular Weight: 927.51

Item Specifications
Appearance Colorless Transparent to light-yellow oily liquid
Acid value ≤1 mgKOH/g
Saponification value 235-245 mgKOH/g
Viscosity(@40℃) 33-40mm2/s
Pour point ≤3℃
Flash point ≥270℃

This product belongs to polyol esters, with good oxidation resistance, heat resistance, good viscosity temperature property, outstanding lubricating performance and non volatilization. It is usually used as metal processing oil and chemical fiber oil agent to improve the lubricating performance of metal processing fluid. It has advantages in high temperature performance.

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