Trimethyl Borate CAS 121-43-7

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Chemical Name: Trimethyl Borate

CAS: 121-43-7

Molecular Formula: C3H9BO3 

Molecular Weight:103.91

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid


Item Specifications
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Content % ≥99.8
Water(w/w,ppm) ≤200

It is used as a doping source for semiconductors, semiconductor boron diffusers, and also for the preparation of high-purity boron.

This product is used as a solvent for paraffin, resin and petroleum, as a catalyst for ketones, and also in the electronics industry.

Used as solvent, dehydrogenation agent, pesticide and for organic synthesis.

Gas chromatographic analysis of derivatized reagents.

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