Triisobutyl phosphate/TIBP CAS126-71-6

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Chemical Name:Triisobutyl phosphate/TIBP

CAS: 126-71-6

Molecular Formula: C12H27O4P

Molecular Weight: 266.31

Item Specification
Appearance Clear liquid
Color (APHA) ≤20
Acid value ≤0.1mgKOH/g
Moisture ≤0.2%
Refractive index (n20d) 1.4190 – 1.4200
Purity ≥99.0%
Relative density (20℃) 0.960-0.970g/ml

This product is mainly used as defoamer and penetrant. It is widely used in industries and fields such as printing ink, construction and oil field auxiliaries, and also used as textile auxiliaries and dye auxiliaries.

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