Trehalose CAS 99-20-7

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Chemical Name :Trehalose

CAS: 99-20-7

Molecular Formula: C12H22O11

Molecular Weight: 342.3

Item Specifications
Appearance White powder
Pourity 99%
Melting point 203 °C
Density 1.5800
  1. Trehalose in vitro also has the property of stabilizing biological membranes and protein structures. It is used internationally to protect genetically engineered enzymes, various viruses, vaccines, antibodies, protein factors, nucleic acids, etc.
  2.  At the same time, as a stabilizer and protectant for biologically active substances, it has broad application prospects in the fields of food, health products, cosmetics, medicine, molecular biology, and agriculture.
Keep in a well-closed,light-resistant, dry and cool place.
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