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Chemical Name:TANNIC ACID

CAS: 1401-55-4

Molecular Formula:C76H52O46

Molecular Weight:1701.2

Item Specifications
The amount of Tannic acid content(dry basis) 96%min
Apperance Amorphous light yellow powder
Residue on ignition(%) 1.0max
Water insoluble 0.6%max
Loss on drying 9.0%max
Arsenic 3ppm max
Lead 5ppm max
Heavy metal(pb  ug/g) 10ppm max
Gums Dextrin Test No turbidity
Resins Test No turbidity
Gallic acid(%) 4.0%max

Used as clarifying agent, astringent enhancer, crude oil deodorizer, and flavoring agent; tannin can be used in tanning, ink manufacturing, paper and silk sizing, boiler descaling, etc., and can also be used as mordant, beer and wine Clarifying agent, rubber coagulant, etc.

25kg/bag;25kg/drum; as customer requirement
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