TAED CAS 10543-57-4

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Chemical Name:TAED


Molecular Formula:C10H16N2O4

Molecular Weight:228.24

Item Specifications
Appearance Cream colored. free flowing agglomerate. Free

from foreign material & lumps.


Odor Mild free of acetic note
TAED content (HPLC), wt % 92.0±2.0
Distribution of size- (50g, 3min) ,%
≥1.60 mm ≤2.0
<0.150 mm ≤3.0
Bulk density , g/L 420~650
Moisture (Karl Fischer) ,wt % ≤2.0
Fe content , mg/kg ≤20

It is an efficient low-temperature bleaching activator, widely used in laundry detergent, color bleaching powder, dishwashing detergent and other types of solid detergents and stain removers.

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