SPAN 60 CAS 1338-41-6

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Chemical Name:SPAN 60

CAS: 1338-41-6

Molecular Formula:C24H46O6

Molecular Weight:430.62

Item Specification
Appearance Milkly white solid
Acid Value(KOH mg/g) mg/g) ≤8.0
Saponification Value(KOH mg/g) 147~157
Hyodroxyl Value(KOH mg/g) 235~260
Water(%) ≤2.0
Residue on ignition(%) ≤0.25
Heavy Metal(%) <0.001

Used in medicine, cosmetics, food, pesticide, paint, textile, plastic as emulsifier, stabilizer, textile industry as antistatic agent, softener and so on.

25kg/bag;25kg/drum; as customer requirement
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