Sodium tripolyphosphate CAS 7758-29-4

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Chemical Name : Sodium tripolyphosphate

CAS: 7758-29-4

Molecular Formula: Na5O10P3

Molecular Weight: 367.86

Item Specifications
Appearance White powder
Purity 99%min
Melting point 622 °C
Density 2.52 g/cm3 (20℃)

1. Sodium tripolyphosphate is used in detergents as an auxiliary agent, soap synergist, and to prevent bar soap from crystallizing and blooming. It is also used as an industrial water softener, leather pretanning agent, dyeing auxiliary, oil well mud control agent, oil pollution prevention agent for papermaking, and an effective dispersant for the treatment of suspensions such as paint, kaolin, magnesium oxide, and calcium carbonate.
2. Food grade sodium tripolyphosphate can be used as a food improver for various fish products and a clarifier for beverages.

Keep in a well-closed,light-resistant, dry and cool place.

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