Sodium pyrophosphate CAS 7758-16-9

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Chemical Name:Sodium pyrophosphate

CAS: 7758-16-9

Molecular Formula: H5NaO7P2

Molecular Weight: 201.97

Appearance: white powder


Item Specifications
Appearance White powder
Purity 99%min
Melting point decomposes 220℃ [MER06]
Density (hexahydrate) 1.86

Sodium pyrophosphate can be used as baking powder, used in baking food, controlling the fermentation speed and improving production intensity; used in instant noodles, shortening the rehydration time of finished products, and preventing them from sticking or rotting; used in biscuits and pastries, shortening the fermentation time, reducing the product breakage rate, making the gaps loose and neat, and prolonging the storage period.

Stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

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