Quinoline CAS 91-22-5

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Chemical Name: Quinoline

CAS: 91-22-5

Molecular Formula:C9H7N

Molecular Weight: 129.16

Purity: 96%,97%,98%

Item Specification
Appearance Light brown liquid
Assay ≥96.0 %
IsoQuinoline 2%max
Quianldine 2%max
Xylidines 0.2%max
Moisture 1%max
BP 234-239℃
Density at 20℃ 1.090-1.096g/ml

1. Quinoline is used in the pharmaceutical industry to prepare nicotinic acid and hydroxyquinoline drugs;

2. In the printing and dyeing industry, it is used to produce cyanine blue pigment and photosensitive pigment;

3. It is used to prepare accelerator in rubber industry;

4. In agriculture, it is used to produce 8-hydroxyquinolone and other pesticides;

5. It is used as an analytical reagent, solvent, and also for the separation of vanadate and arsenate;

6. It can also be used as acid, solvent, preservative, etc;

200kg/drum, IBC drum or as customer required.
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