Pentaerythritol tris[3-(1-aziridinyl)propionate] HD110 CAS 57116-45-7

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Product Name: Pentaerythritol tris[3-(1-aziridinyl)propionate]

Product Information

CAS No: 57116-45-7

Molecular Formula:C20H33N3O7

Molecular Weight:427.49

Item Specifications
Appearance colorless to light yellow liquid
Solid content ≥98.0%
Viscosity,cp@25℃ ≤4000cp
PH value 8.0-11.0
Water-soluble mutually dissolved in same water

1. As Leather improve wet rub resistance, wear resistance and heat resistance of dry, applied primer and coating, can improve the coating adhesion and embossing moldability;

2. To Increase the film adhesion to different substrates, avoiding dragging phenomena during printing ink, ink enhanced resistance to water and chemical resistance, accelerate the curing time;

3. Enhanced adhesion to different substrates face paint, paint to improve resistance to water scrub resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and high temperature strength;

4. Improve water-based paint to water and chemical corrosion resistance, curing time, reduce volatile organic compounds, enhanced scrub resistance;

5. Improve the adhesion of the protective film coating, shorten the curing time.

6. Aqueous systems can generally improve adhesion on non-porous substrates.

5KG/DRUM;25KG/DRUM;200KG/DRUM OR As customer requirement
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