N-oleyl -1,3 propanediamine CAS 7173-62-8

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Chemical Name :N-oleyl -1,3 propanediamine

CAS: 7173-62-8

Molecular Formula: C21H44N2

Molecular Weight:324.59

Item Specifications
Appearance Light yellow liquid or pasty
Amine Value 330-350
Color(Gardner) 4 Max.
Secd&Ter amine mgKOH/g 145-185
Iodine value gI2/100g 60min
Freezing Point ℃ 9-22
Primary amine content 5max
Diamine content 92% Min.
Water % 0.5max

It is used in asphalt emulsifiers, lubricant additives, mineral flotation agents, binders, water repellents, corrosion inhibitors, etc. It is also an intermediate for the production of corresponding quaternary ammonium salts, used in coatings additives and pigment treatment agents and other industries middle

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