Methyl Stearate CAS: 112-61-8

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Chemical Name :Methyl Stearate

CAS: 112-61-8

Molecular Formula: C19H38O2

Molecular Weight:298.5

Item Specifications Results
Acid value(mgKoh/g) 1.0max 0.3
Iodine value(gI2/100g) 1.0max 0.1
Saponificanion value(mgKoh/g) 175.0-195.0 188.5
C16 ≤10.0% 6.7
C18 ≥90.0% 95.2%
Conclusion The results conforms with Enterprise standards

For the preparation of surfactants, lubricants and other organic chemicals;
Gas chromatography stationary liquid, surfactant, detergent, plasticizer, softener, cosmetic base material and pharmaceutical industry, etc.

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