Lithium bis(trifluoromethanesulphonyl)imide CAS 90076-65-6

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Chemical Name :Lithium bis(trifluoromethanesulphonyl)imide

CAS: 90076-65-6

Molecular Formula: C2F6LiNO4S2

Molecular Weight:287.09

Item Specifications
Appearance White powder
(CF3SO22NLi % >99.9
PH 6.0~9.0
 Fppm ≤20
Cl ppm ≤15
H2O ppm ≤200
SO42- ppm ≤20
Metal ion detection  
Na ppm ≤10
K ppm ≤5
Ca ppm ≤5
Fe ppm ≤2
Pb ppm ≤1
Mg ppm ≤1
Zn ppm ≤1
Cu ppm ≤1
Ni ppm ≤1
Al ppm ≤1
Si ppm ≤5

Lithium bistrifluoromethanesulfonimide is used to prepare electrolytes for lithium batteries and new rare earth Lewis acid catalysts;

It is used to prepare chiral imidazolium salt through the anion replacement reaction of the corresponding trifluoromethanesulfonate.

Lithium battery electrolyte: 1. Lithium battery 2. Ionic liquid 3. Antistatic 4. Medicine

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