Lactobionic Acid CAS 96-82-2

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Chemical Name :Lactobionic Acid

CAS: 96-82-2

Molecular Formula: C12H22O12

Molecular Weight:358.3

Item Specifications
Appearance White or almost white crystalline powder
Clarity Clear
Specific optical rotation +23°–+29°
Water content 5.0% Max
Total Ash 0.1% Max
PH 1.0-3.0
Calcium 500ppm Max
Chloride 500ppm Max
Sulfate 500ppm Max
Iron 100ppm Max
Reducing sugars 0.2% Max
Heavy metals 10ppm Max
Assay 98.0%-102.0%
Total Bacteria Count 100Col/g Max
Endotoxin Level 10 EU/g Max
Salmonella Negative
E.Coli Negative
Pseudomonas aeruginosa Negative

Pharmaceutical intermediates
It is an α-oxyacid with antioxidant activity and is used in the development of skin cosmeceuticals.

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