Lactic acid CAS 50-21-5

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Chemical Name: Lactic acid 

CAS: 50-21-5

Molecular Formula: C3H6O3

Molecular Weight:90.08

Item Specifications
Appearance yellowish, syrupy and hygroscopic liquid
Assay Min 80.0%
Apha ≤150
Sulfates(So4) ppm ≤10
Calcium ppm ≤10
Chlorides(Cl) ppm ≤10
Iron(Fe) ppm ≤10
Suphated ash % ≤0.05
Lead ppm ppm ≤0.5
Arsenic ppm ≤0.5
Reducing substances(sugars) Passes FCC test
Limit of Citric, oxalic, phosphoric and tartaric acid Passes USP test
Reducing sugars Passes test

Widely used in food, medicine, feed, chemical and other fields

25kg/bag;25kg/drum; as customer requirement
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