Imidazolidinyl urea CAS 39236-46-9

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Molecular Formula:C11H16N8O8

Molecular Weight:388.29

Description:White powder with the special odour

Item Specifications Result
Description White powder with the special odour Conform
Identification Conform Conform
Nitrogen Content% 26.0-28.0 27.3
PH(1% in CO2 free water) 6.0-7.5 6.7
Color and Clarity 30% water solution Clear and Colorless Conform
Sulphated Ash ≦3.0% 1.0%
Heavy Metals(Pb) ≦10ppm <10ppm
Loss on Drying ≦3.0% 1.1%
Conclusion The results conforms with Enterprise standards

1. As Cosmetic Raw Materials.

2.Used as preservative.

3.As small molecule inhibitors.

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