Hydroxylamine sulfate CAS10039-54-0

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Chemical Name :Hydroxylamine sulfate

CAS: 10039-54-0

Molecular Formula: H2O4S.2H3NO

Molecular Weight:164.14

Item Specification Results
Hydroxylamine sulfate ,Min % 99.0 99. 1
Dry reduction ,Max.% 0.30 0.17
Heavy  metals (Pb) , Max.% 0.0003 <0.0001
 Iron ,(Fe) , Max.% 0.0005 0.00004
Chloride ,(Cl-), Max.% 0.0005 <0.0002
Appearance White fine crystallization ,      No visible impurities Conformity
Conclusion The results conforms with enterprise standards

It is an important intermediate for pharmaceutical, pesticide and dyestuff uses. It can be
used as a reducing agent, a developing agent and a rubber vulcanizing agent, and is also an important raw material for the manufacturing of caprolactam.

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