Homosalate CAS 118-56-9

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Chemical Name:Homosalate

CAS: 118-56-9

Molecular Formula:C16H22O3

Molecular Weight:262.34

Item Specifications
Appearance  Clear colorless to slightly yellowish liquid
Identification Infrared Absorption 197 F
Specific Gravity @25℃ 1.049~1.053
Refractive Index @20℃ 1.516~1.519
Acid value ≤1mg KOH/g
UV-Vis Spectrum

(c=0.05g/L in Methanol)

E (1%-1cm) at 305±5nm

Assay (GC) 90.0~110.0%
Purity (GC) ≥98.0%
Impurities (GC)
3,3,5-trimethylcyclohexanol ≤0.15%
Methyl salicylate ≤0.10%
Individual impurities ≤0.5%
Total impurities ≤2.0%
Methyl Paraben (HPLC) ≤10ppm

Widely used in cosmetics such as sunscreen and toner, as well as clothing fabrics.

200kg/drum, 1000kg/IBC drum or as customer required
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