Ethylhexyl Palmitate CAS 29806-73-3

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Chemical Name: Ethylhexyl Palmitate

CAS: 29806-73-3

Molecular Formula: C24H48O2

Molecular Weight: 368.64

Item Specification
Appearance Colorless or slightly yellow oily liquid
Ester content ≥98.0%
Hazen (color) ≤30
Acid value ≤0.5mg KOH/g
Specific Gravity (20℃) 0.840-0.870
Saponification value 150-160mg KOH/g
Refractive index 1.443-1.447

Mainly used in cream, foundation cream, lipstick, skin care oil, eye shadow cream, eye black, cleanser, hair oil, bath and other cosmetics; It can also be used as a softener and dispersant in hair moisturizer, shower gel and other formulations.

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