Diisopropylbenzene hydroperoxide CAS 26762-93-6

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Chemical Name: Diisopropylbenzene hydroperoxide


Molecular Formula: C12H18O2

Molecular Weight: 194.27

Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Purity 50.0~60.0%
APHA ≤100
Gardner ≤4
pH 4.0-8.0
Density (g/cm3) 0.935-0.960
Active oxygen content ≥4

As an initiator for styrene butadiene rubber polymerization, its initiation speed is 30% – 50% faster than cumene hydroperoxide, but slower than tricumene hydroperoxide and tert butyl cumene hydroperoxide. It can also be used as initiator of other polymers.

200kg/drum or as customer required
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