Diallyl disulfide CAS 2179-57-9

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Product Name: Diallyl disulfide  

Product Information

CAS No: 2179-57-9

Molecular Formula:C6H10S2

Molecular Weight:146.27

Item Specifications
Colour and Lustre: Colorless or capsule yellow
State: liquid
Odor: Garlic odor
Content,w/% Diallyldisulfide≥90.0

Diallyldisulfide+Diallyl sulfide≥95.0

RI (refractive index)(20℃) : 1.537~1.551
Relative density(25℃/25℃): 0.998~1.015

Used as food additives, pharmaceutical intermediates.
As food spices.

1kg/drum; 25kg/drum;200kg/drum
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