Crystalline Boron CAS 7440-42-8

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Chemical Name:  Crystalline Boron

CAS No.: 7440-42-8

Molecular Fomula: B

Molecular weight: 10.81

Appearance: Brown powder

Assay:2N,3N,4N,5N,6N or as customer requirement

2N(99%) specificaiton

Item Results
Purity ≥2N
Fe 1326
Mg 3.7
Mn 2.1
Cu 0.3
Ca 0.5
Ni 7.9
Zn 0.1
Pb 0.7
Sn 0.8
Total ≤10000ppm
Particle size 32μm
Conclusion The results conforms with Enterprise standards

a.special alloy smelting;
b.airbag initiators
c. nuclear industry do protective material
d. production of high purity boron
e. high-energy fuel rocket boosters
f. Grinding

1kg/foil bag;20kg/drum or as customer requirement
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