Coco glucoside CAS 110615-47-9

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Chemical Name: Coco glucoside

CAS: 110615-47-9

Molecular Formula: C18H36O6 

Molecular Weight:348.47484

Item Specifications
Appearance Colorless or Pale Yellow Liquid or Pasty Fluid
APHA Hazen ≤100
PH value 11.5-12.5
Solid Content% 50.0-53.0
Ash Content% ≤3.0
Residual Alcohol Content% ≤1.0
Viscosity(40℃ mpa.s) 2000-4000

Used in many aspects such as main active substance of detergent, various cleaning agents, surfactants for cosmetics, pharmaceutical additives, industrial emulsifiers, etc.

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