Bisphenol AF CAS 1478-61-1

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Chemical Name :Bisphenol AF

CAS: 1478-61-1

Molecular Formula: C15H10F6O2

Molecular Weight:336.23

Item Specifications
Appearance White or grey powder
Assay ≥99.9%
Melting point 159℃~162℃
Free phenol <0.1%
Water <0.1%
Color ≤150

Bisphenol AF is mainly used as a vulcanizing agent (crosslinking agent) for fluororubber, with over 70% of fluororubber using the bisphenol AF vulcanization system.

Bisphenol AF can be used as a monomer to synthesize fluorinated polyimide (imine), fluorinated polyester, fluorinated polyarylether, fluorinated polyether ketone, fluorinated polycarbonate chemicalbook ester, fluorinated epoxy resin, fluorinated polyurethane, and other fluorinated polymers;

It is used as gas separation membrane, proton exchange membrane, dielectric coating, optical fiber sheath, phototube substrate, adhesive, etc., and is widely used in microelectronics, fuel cell, optics, space technology and other fields.

5kg/bag and 25kg/drum
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