Bismuth trioxide CAS 1304-76-3

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Chemical Name:Bismuth trioxide

CAS: 1304-76-3

Molecular Formula:Bi2O3

Molecular Weight:256.98

Item Results(ppm weight)
Bi2O3 99.99%
Pb 0.7
Cu 1.9
Zn ≤5
Ag 4.2
Na 0.5
Bi% 89.6
Al 1.2
Fe 1.7
Cd 0.5
Mg 0.5
Cl 9.0
Ni 0.5
Ca 3.2
SO42- 9.0
Apparent density g/cm³ 2.60
Particle size(um) 2.3
Loss on drying 0.1

It is used to make metal bismuth, catalyst and bismuth oxide superconductor.

Used in glazes, catalysts, rubber compounding agents, medicines, red glass compounding agents, etc.

25kg/bag;25kg/drum; as customer requirement
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