Benzo[b]thiophene CAS 95-15-8

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Product Name: Benzo[b]thiophene

Product Information

CAS No: 95-15-8

Molecular Formula:C8H6S

Molecular Weight: 134.2

Appearance: White or Yellow solid


Item Specification
Appearance White or Yellow solid
Assay 98%min

Can be used as model compounds, organic sulfur sources, pharmaceutical compositions such as raloxifene and anti-osteoporosis agents, etc.

Used as photochromic material and optical recording medium

It can also be used as an intermediate for the preparation of prostaglandin derivatives and as a reaction agent for antitumor agents.

It can also be used as a starting material for the preparation of heterocyclic sulfonamides and for the synthesis of acyclic thioplatinum compounds.

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