Antioxidant 1010 CAS 6683-19-8

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Chemical Name:Antioxidant 1010

CAS: 6683-19-8

Molecular Formula:C73H108O12

Molecular Weight:1177.66

Item Specifications
Appearance white powder
Effected Component WT%(HPLC) ≥ 98.0
Solubility (2g/20ml, Toluene) limpidity
Volatility WT% ≤ 0.50

Transmittance %



≥ 96.0
  500nm ≥98.0%
Melting Range℃ 110.0 – 125.0
Ash Content WT% ≤ 0.10

Used widely in thermal processing of polypropylene, polyethylene, polyformaldehyde, ABS resin, etc. It can prolong the service life of plastic products.

Used in PS resins, polyethylene, ABS resins, PVC, engineering plastics, various synthetic rubber polymers and petroleum products, polypropylene.

Used as hindered phenol antioxidant for polymers.

25kg/bag;25kg/drum; as customer requirement
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