Amorphous Boron CAS 7440-42-8

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CAS No.: 7440-42-8

Molecular Fomula: B

Molecular weight: 10.81

Appearance: Brown powder


Specification of 95%

Items Specifications
Content (%) 95.0~97.0
Magnesium content(%) ≤3
Hydrogen peroxide insolubles(%) ≤1
Moisture and volatile matter(%) ≤1
Average particle size (D50) m ≤3

Pyrotechnics additives;
Preparation of other boride materials;
Oxygen-free copper smelting deoxidizer;
Welding additives;
As an alloy component in special metal products;
Solid rocket propellant;
Car airbag initiator;
Coating and hardener;
Magnesium carbon brick additive for steelmaking high temperature furnace;
Components in high-tech ceramics;
Other applications that require high-purity boron

0.5 kg/aluminum plastic bag (vacuum), 10 kg/drum;20kg/drum or as customer requirement.
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