Acetyl tributyl citrate/ATBC CAS: 77-90-7

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Chemical Name: Acetyl tributyl citrate

CAS: 77-90-7

Molecular Formula: C20H34O8

Molecular Weight: 402.48

Item Standard
Appearance Transparent liquid
Assay ≥99.0%
Acidity ≤0.2mgKOH/g
Moisture ≤0.15%
Color (APHA) ≤30
Refractive Index (25℃/D) 1.4410~1.4425
Relative Density (25/25℃) 1.045~1.055
Heavy metals (as Pb) ≤10ppm
Arsenic ≤3ppm

This product is a non-toxic and odorless safety plasticizer with excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, light resistance and water resistance. It is applicable to food packaging, children’s toys, medical products and other fields. F.D.A of the United States approved the use of meat food packaging materials and toy materials. Due to its excellent performance, the large amount of Chemicalbook is used for the packaging of fresh meat and its products, dairy products, PVC medical products, chewing gum, etc. After being plasticized by this product, the resin presents good transparency and low-temperature flexibility, and has low volatility and extraction rate in different media. It is thermally stable and does not change color when it is dissolved and sealed.

220kg/drum, 1000kg/IBC drum
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