4-Chloro-3,5-Xylenol(PCMX) CAS 88-04-0

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Product Name: 4-Chloro-3,5-Xylenol  

Product Information

CAS No: 88-04-0

Molecular Formula:C8H9ClO

Molecular Weight:156.61

Item Specifications 
Appearance White to cream crystals
Odour Phenolic characteristic odour
Solubility Clear solution
Melting Point 114~116℃
Purity 99.0% Min
Perchlorethylene 0.1% Max
Impurity OCMX 0.2% Max
Impurity MX 0.3% Max
Impurity PCMC 0.1% Max
Impurity DCMX 0.3% Max
Iron 50 ppm Max
Copper 20 ppm Max
Residue on ignition 0.1% Max
Water 0.2% Max

Used as Preservatives, fungicides;
Used in emulsions, cosmetics, inks, plywood, plastic, plastic with a fungicide, especially for rigid and semi-rigid PVC sheet metal, leather and so on. Heat resistance and weather resistance, less water extraction, persistence and strong in resin.

25kg/drum or as customer requirement
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