3-Hydroxybutanoic acid magnesium salt(BHB magnesium) CAS 586976-57-0

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Chemical Name:3-Hydroxybutanoic acid magnesium salt (BHB magnesium)

CAS: 586976-57-0

Molecular Formula:C8H14MgO6

Molecular Weight:230.49

Appearance:White powder


Synonyms:Magnesium Beta Hydroxybutyrate salt;Beta hydroxybutyrate Magnesium;Magnesium 3-hydroxybutyrate BHB Mg;BHB magnesium

Item Standard
Appearance White powder
Odor Characteristic and mild
Identification Meet the requirements
Specific rotation [α]D20 -1.0°~+1.0°(10g/100ml H2O)
Moisture NMT 6.0%
Assay(Dry basis) NLT 98.0%
3-Hydroxybutyric Base NLT 88.0%
Magnesium NLT 10.0%
Crotonic acid NMT 0.02%
Heavy metals NMT 10ppm
Arsenic(As) LT 0.5ppm
Lead(Pb) LT 0.5PPM
Mercury(Hg) LT 0.1ppm
Cadmium(Cd) LT 0.3ppm
Conclusion:The product conforms to In-house standard.

3-Hydroxybutyrate magnesium salt is used in organic synthesis, dietary supplements, health products, etc.

We also have series product DL-3-Hydroxybutyric acid sodium salt CAS 150-83-4.

Stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

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