1,3-Propane Sultone CAS 1120-71-4

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Chemical Name :1,3-Propane Sultone

CAS: 1120-71-4

Molecular Formula: C3H6O3S

Molecular Weight:122.14

Item Specifications Result
Assay ≥95% 99%
Color Colorless,yellowish or brown Yellowish  liquid
Moisture (ppm) ≤100 35
Refractive Index (40℃) 1.4500~ 1.4530 1.4520
Melting point 31±1 ℃ 31.0 ℃
Conclusion: Confirmed to enterprise standard

1,3-Propane sultone is a new functional fine chemical material. It can react with many types of compounds under very mild conditions, accurately provide sulfonic acid groups, and thus give these compounds new properties (such as hydrophilicity, antistatic properties, etc.). It is an excellent general sulfonating agent and a key raw material for synthesizing important electroplating additive intermediates such as PPS Chemicalbook, UPS, DPS, MPS, ZPS, POPS, SP and other products. It is an important pharmaceutical intermediate and an important raw material for the production of lithium batteries. It is also used in brighteners, dyes, diionic surfactants, and sulfonating agents. It can also be used in lithium secondary batteries to increase the number of battery cycles and service life.

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