1,3-Propane sultone CAS 1120-71-4

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Chemical Name: 1,3-Propane sultone

CAS: 1120-71-4

Molecular Formula: C3H6O3S

Molecular Weight: 122.14

Item Specification
Appearance  Colorless transparent liquid or crystal, without mechanical impurities, insoluble or flocculent substances, etc
Color ≤20
Water ≤60ppm
Purity ≥99.90%
Free acid ≤25ppm
Cl ≤5ppm
SO42- ≤10ppm
Fe ≤2ppm
Na ≤6ppm
Ca ≤5ppm
K,Cu,Ni,Mg,Zn,Ba,Mn ≤1ppm
Melting point 31-33℃

It is a functional fine chemical new material. It can react with many types of compounds under very mild conditions, accurately providing sulfonic acid groups, thereby endowing these compounds with new properties (such as hydrophilicity, antistatic properties, etc.). It is an excellent universal sulfonation agent and a key raw material for synthesizing important electroplating additive intermediates such as PPSCHEMICALBook, UPS, DPS, MPS, ZPS, POPS, SP, etc. It is an important pharmaceutical intermediate and an important raw material for producing lithium batteries. It is also used in brighteners, dyes, double ion surfactants, and sulfonation agents. It can also be used in lithium secondary batteries to enhance battery cycle times and service life.

200kg/drum or as customer required
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