1-Naphthol CAS: 90-15-3

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Chemical Name :1-Naphthol

CAS: 90-15-3

Molecular Formula: C10H8O

Molecular Weight:144.17

Item Specifications
Appearance Grayish-white flake solid
GC purity  99.5%min.
Content of 2-naphthol 0.10% Max.
Solidifying point 94.5℃ Min.
Lowing boiling matter 0.10% Max
High boiling matter 0.1%max
1-Naphthylamine  100ppm max
2-Naphthylamine 10ppm max

Synthetic rubber antioxidants, pesticides, fragrances, dyes, etc.

In the pharmaceutical industry, it can be used to manufacture preservatives and anti-corrosion drugs. It is also an effective antioxidant for many aldehydes, mineral oils and vegetable oils. It is widely used in synthetic fragrances, rubber anti-aging agents and color formers for film films.

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